Deer Proof Wildflower Mix - 1lb.

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Item Description:

-Deer Proof Wildflower Mix contains seventeen species of wildflowers that are relatively unpalatable to deer.

-The mix contains approximately 34% perennial species and 66% annual species.

-Many of the annual species will reseed themselves for many seasons to come.

-Under normal growing conditions, this mix should grow between 18-48 inches tall.


Planting Rate: 17-19lbs/acre

Seeding Depth: 1/8 inch

Sun Requirement: full sun

Life Cycle: annual/perennial

Primary Use: native/restoration, pollinator friendly

Supported Species: bee/pollinator

Arroyo Lupine - 20.65%

Perennial Lupine - 13.65%

Zinnia Mix - 11.00%

Yellow Lupine - 10.80%

Mexican Lupine - 10.80%

Blanketflower - 8.80%

Lance Leaf Coreopsis - 7.65%