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Overhaul - 5.25lb.

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This unique food plot mix comprised of Buckwheat, Spring Triticale, Crimson Clover, Balansa Clover and Tillage Radish can be planted in the spring or fall and is not only designed to attract deer, but also offers plenty of soil improvement characteristics. Overhaul is great for establishing first-time food plots or as a rotational crop to help boost soil in-between plantings. It is designed to grow in adverse soil conditions and will help suppress weeds. Break up compaction, fixate nitrogen, increase water infiltration, enrich and "fertilize" the soil by mining potassium and phosphorus while offering increased microbial growth for future plots. 

39% - Buckwheat (NVS)

20% - Spring Triticale (VNS)

16% - Crimson Red Clover

7% - Vista White Balansa Clover

3% - Daikon Radish

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