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Prowler Place Pacs - 22count

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Prowler rodenticides, exclusively from Motomco, are formulated to control even the toughest infestations on farms agricultural operations. Prowler baits fuse the proven, acute active Bromethalin proprietary ingredients to create formulas designed to maximize palatability bait acceptance. Using Motomco's newest method for active ingredient synthesis, Prowler uses Bromethalin to achieve results less bait anticoagulants. Prowler 15gm Bait Chunx are smaller than Tomcat Chunx, for more blocks placements per pail. Prowler Chunx are mold moisture resistant use Motomco's extrusion process for a multi-edge shape that rodents love to gnaw. Palatable formulas ingredients designed to appeal to the widest possible rodent population Made Bromethalin, an acute active ingredient to achieve results less bait vs anticoagulants Utilizes our newest method of synthesizing Bromethalin active, developed Motomco scientists for consistency & purity. Rats Mice often have different food flavor preferences across a variety of regions environments. PROWLER Baits are designed to appeal to the broadest possible range of rodent tastes, including appealing to both males females to reduce breeding reproduction. PROWLER Rat Mouse baits are developed to meet the needs of farmers agricultural environments peting food sources high rodent populations.
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