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Redmond Rock Goat Mineral - 5lb

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Portioning out your goat herd's mineral needs on your own can be complex and confusing. It can be difficult to know whether your herd is getting the minerals they need-and in the right balance. Redmond Goat Mineral contains a full spectrum of essential natural sea minerals - including all 7 commonly supplemented micro-minerals for goats. 

 Calcium: 4.0%-3.5%

Phosphorous: 1.5%

Salt: 81.0%-76.0%

Magnesium: 0.06%

Potassium: 0.03%

Sulfur: 0.07%

Zinc: 3500ppm 

Manganese: 2000ppm

Iron: 300ppm

Copper: 1,000ppm

Iodine: 110ppm

Selenium: 60ppm

Cobalt: 50ppm

Vit A: 100,000 IU/lb

Vit D: 3,500IU/lb

Vit E: 50IU/lb

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