Peredovik Sunflower

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-Peredovik Black Sunflowers are an oilseed crop that are a favorite of bird species. 

-This tall growing plant can reach up to six feet tall and reaches maturity in about 80-100 days

-Compared to other sunflower varieties, black oilseed sunflowers are noted for their higher oil content and meatier seeds which provide greater nutrition benefits. 

-Game birds and songbirds will flock to these plants as they reach maturity and produce seeds for them to eat. 

-Black Sunflowers are a favorite of dove, quail, pheasant, turkey and songbirds.


Planting Rate: 10-15 lbs/acre

Seeding Depth: 1/2 inch

Sun Requirement: full sun

Life Cycle: annual

Primary Uses: cover crop, wildlife, pollinator friendly

Supported Species: cattle, hogs, poultry, upland game birds, song birds, bee/pollinators