Deer Corn 90 Brand - 5lb.

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Item Description:

-Deer Corn 90 is a variety of corn bred for grain production.

-This high energy grain is not only an important energy source for deer, it can also provide thermal cover and a great bedding spot when left to stand. 

-This warm season annual grass is best planted once soil temperatures have warmed to above 60 degrees for ideal germination and growth.

-Deer Corn 90 also prefers rich, fertile soil situated in full sunlight.

-To produce hard ripe dry corn grain, 90 growing degree days are needed


Planting Rate: 10-25lbs/acre

Seeding Depth: 1-1.5 inch

Sun Requirement: full sun

Life Cycle: annual

Primary Uses: silage, wildlife, screen

Supported Species: cattle, deer