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Flockleader Recover Plus Electrolyte & Probiotic Supplement - 8oz

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Even with the best care your birds can still become sick, injured, or affected by moderate stress, which can be devistating to your flock.

At Perdue, we have been caring for chickens for more than 100 years. In fact, the backyard flock of our founders, Pearl and Arthur Perdue, started it all! To this day, we remain dedicated to raising strong, healthy, and happy birds through science and innovation. 

Stress reduced the function of the immune system and can provide bad bacteria and viruses the opportunity to flourish. Causes of moderate stress for chickens include extreme weather changes, social hierarchy, and exposure to germs. If left untreated, moderate stress can lead to more severe stress, disease, injury, and even death. 

Chickens are prey animals and tend to hide their vulnerability. Knowing your chickens are stressed can be a challenge but early detection can prevent serious health conditions. Chickens can tell us they are experiencing moderate stress by expressing certain behaviors:

-Panting and labored breathing

-Lifting wings away from body

-Reduction in appetite

- Diarrhea and pasty butt

-Dirty eggs

A stressed chicken needs more than just feed. Providing probiotics, oregano, and electrolytes during those stressful periods can support the health of your chickens. 

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