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Chicory Plus - 5lb

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Planting Instructions:

Find a site that gets plenty of sun. Cultivate the soil until the seed bed is free of debris, clean, and firm. You may also choose to use a nonselective herbicide to remove any unwanted plants. (Your shoes should not sink into the soil when you walk across it.)

Good soil fertility will increase production of the Top Choice seed and in turn, increase the attraction and nutritional value of the food plot. Obtaining a soil sample can help determine the proper amounts of fertilizing and liming that may be required. If your soil ph is below 5.8 we highly recommend that you apply lime before planting.

When using a drill to plant your seed, plant 1/8-1/4 inch deep. If broadcasting your seed, cover seed lightly by dragging or cultipacking. Do not plant your seed too deep. It is better to plant too shallow than to plant too deep.

Management Instructions:

Once established, you can control invasion of unwanted plants by mowing them off in early spring or summer. You can also use a grass selective herbicide to control grass plants. Apply fertilizer in the spring and/or summer will maximize the productivity of Top Choice Wildlife plants. Overseeding a thinning food plot is easy and cost effective way to increase the productivity of the plot. It is better to plant too shallow than to plant too deep.

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