Bee Clover Mix

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Item Description:

-Bee Clover Mix was developed to promote bee and pollinator insect populations. 

-This mix will flower throughout the season giving bees and other pollinators plenty of pollen options. 


Planting Rate: 10-12lbs./acre

Seeding Depth: 1/8-1/4 inch

Sun Requirement: full sun, part sun/shade

Life Cycle: annual/perennial

Primary Use: native/restoration, pollinator friendly

Supported Species: deer, bee/pollinator

-Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover - 19.83%

-Dutch White Clover - 19.76%

-Ladino White Clover - 19.73%

-Dixie Crimson Annual Red Clover - 14.84%

-Alsike White Clover - 14.83%

-Norcen Birdsfoot Trefoil - 9.84%